Antony Gustard was born in a cave in the North of England in 1984 but now currently resides and works in Mexico City, where very few people know he exists. He earned a BA in Graphic Design & Illustration from De Monfort University, Leicester, UK. His Graphic Design & Illustration training deeply influenced his paintings, as he uses similar techniques and styles to portray his mind messages. Having lived in London, Antony grew a fondness for the fine arts and when he moved to Mexico, he had the freedom and time to experiment with his silly silly style.


Something about my art, something, something, something. There’s like a million people doing art now, if you made it to this page then it’s a miracle. If you want to know about my art or what I do then look at it with your eye extensions and formulate an idea yourself. I used to try to be political but honestly whats the point? Politics are shite! Now I just do art because its in my brain juice and I hate having it hanging around the backs ofmy eyes, so I vomit it onto canvas…. hopefully one person will enjoy it. Apart from that there’s not much else to say. My style seems to change a lot so writing about it now means I’ll have to change this statement again next time my style does. Which is a waste of time in my opinion. Enjoy.

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